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Wireless Wifi Booster/Extender


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Wifi routers can deliver strong WiFi signal around the house and to near devices, but their capacity to reach distant ones in the same home can be limited, it may leave you with a dead signal zoon in some areas around your house.

The solution is this wireless WiFi Booster!

With this device, you can enjoy your internet access with a strong, stable WiFi signal anywhere in your home. Get as many as you need and place them wherever the WiFi signal is weak around your house. You will have a strong signal to stream games or watch movies online using all the bandwidth that you are paying for!


  • It has a high-quality network, the wireless network connection speed up to 300Mbps, and a 2.4G wifi transmission rate. This router has the power that can create high speed and long range network.

  • With the built-in antennas, it can build up a broad wireless coverage and provide better wireless performance in: penetrating walls, transmitting across a multi-floor house. It is allowing you to enjoy wireless freedom anywhere around your house with a standard of 802.11n.

  • You can connect any device such as a desktop, PC, tablet, laptop, smart TC, smartphone etc. 

  • Super easy to Install and Set. Simply pressing WPS button to get safe encryption, plug it easily and set up the connection instantly under Wi-Fi Router/ Repeater Mode.

  • The Wifi supported frequency is 2.4G and a WAN port of 1x10/100Mbps with the support of WPS and WDS.

  • The size of this wifi booster is 7.5 x 9cm / 3 x 3.5 inches

Package Includes
1 x Wifi booster
1 x Cable
1 x Manual

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