last chance on summer sale 2019

i20 TWS Wireless Earbuds


Now More Magical Than Ever.

The new i20 Earbuds are your next must-have, they are delivering the wireless headphone experience, reimagined. Just pull them out of the case and they’re ready to use with any smart device and are complete with the wireless charging case so that you can charge them even when you are on the move.  


  • Charge your Earbuds quickly and easily with the Wireless Charging Case. Just connect the charging case to the USB cable and a wall-adapter and let it charge, and when you’re away you can quickly and simply use the charging case to charge the earbuds.
  • The battery in the Earbuds last about 3-3.5h* when you play music and about 6h* when you are on a phone call. (*Test is based on volume 50). You can simply see the battery level of the Earbuds on your smartphone that is adapted, such as iPhones. 
  • The earbuds are the size of 1:1.
  • They have an incredible volume control so that you can simply adapt the sound exactly how you prefer to hear it. 
  • The fantastic maximum range between your device and these earbuds is estimated to 15-30 meters, they are working with Bluetooth. 
  • They have a microphone and control button so that you can use them comfortable even under a phone call or recording.
  • These Earbuds have a frequency response range of 8-25000Hz, have a volume sensitivity of 123dB and do not support APP.

Package Includes

The standard package includes: 
1x set of Earbuds, 1x Wireless Charging Case, 1x charging cable and a Manual. 

The sport kit includes: 
1x standard packet with the i20 Earbuds, 1x Wireless Charging Case, 1x charging cable and a manual + 1x small bag, 1x silicon case,1x silicon sport strap, and 1x Soft silicon Earbuds antislip.


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