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Cleaning Gel For Electronics

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This gel is perfect to clean any of your electronic devices or hard to reach places such as your keyboard, remote control, AC vent in the car or really any place where you struggle to reach. It will get your gear looking spotless, and it is truly perfect for any dust or dirt area.


    Simply stretch the gel and squish it on your hard to reach, dirty area, peel it off and you will be able to see all of the dust you collected stuck on the gel. This process can be applied to any surface with exceptional results. Have fun while you clean your valuables.
    Cleaning this gel is even more simple than using the product. All you have to do is run some water over the gel and like magic, all of the dust and dirt is washed away. Once you have washed the dust off, it is ready to be used again and again. The gel makes you wonder how cleaning became so easy!
  • We currently ship the gel in red, blue, yellow and green.  
Package Includes
1 x Cleaning gel in a surprise color.  

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