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Children Smart and Safe Watch

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Keeping our children safe is a top priority for all of us! 

But sadly, we can not be on top of them and supervise them 100% of their time, and we have to let our children be just children and enjoy their adventures and playing outside.
But do not worry, we have a solution for you. Just by taking help of our modern technology we can now have a way to locate our lost, or god forbid, kidnapped child.

With this kid's friendly smartwatch, you can call, text or locate your child at any time, this is the absolute perfect safety measure that can calm your mind. 


• Built-in microphone for two-way communication, the friend function allows pairing and voice chat with you as parents or others that you decide.

• SOS button for emergencies, with this button the watch will automatically call and alarm the three persons which numbers that you have added in the SOS-list. If one does not answer the watch will automatedly call the next number and so on. 

• Built-in camera and remote monitoring for keeping a safe watch on your children.

• Strangers cannot call the watch, you can add up to three+ten contacts in the watch. Only these persons will be able to call your child's smartwatch and the child can call them. For other numbers that call it will simply sound like a bussy phoneline.

• You can customize a security range that alerts you when your child is moved beyond that location.

• LBS positioning (no GPS positioning). 

• Small flashlight for viewing in dark places.

• Learning games for kids to play, it also features an enable/disables functions according to the time of your choice. 

• A pedometer that records your child's steps.

• Trace replay can track movement for up to 30 days.

• Alarm clock reminders, a good way to remind your child to wake up or maybe time to go come home. 

• Low power warning.

• Remote power off.

• The watch is waterproof.

• Ready to use with a micro sim card.

• Available in several languages.

Package Includes 

1x Box with the Children Smart and Safe Watch, manual and charger.

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