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About Us

Nordic Tech as a company started from a small group of Nordic and European tech enthusiasts, that have a strong passion for the part of creating, buying, testing, evaluating and learning about new technology that can improve or simplify everyone's life.

We created this brand and marketplace to unify the products that we fell in love with and to offer them in one combined store for you and the other tech enthusiasts in the world. Here at Nordic Tech we offer the latest technologic items that can give our life the support and benefits that we have been looking for. 

How does Nordic Tech work
We do not only deliver great products and deals, but we are also a company that is dedicated to all our customers. In fact, we are using the latest social networks and AI technologies so that we can forever improve the online shopping experience you will have at our store. From the moment you start browsing on Nordic Tech:s Website until you get the products in your hand, we truly care about you, and that is why we have adopted our system to ensure that each and every one of you tech enthusiasts will receive our high and professional standards.

We continuously update our store collection weekly, to ensure that you can always access the latest products hitting the market. Make sure that you visit our website recurrently to be up to date.

We find leading factories and brands from all around the world and put them together here at Nordic Tech website order to create a faultless product catalog, specific for us that is interested in the leading technology trends. Say goodbye to the expensive retail stores or middlemen. At Nordic Tech we work directly with all our manufacturers, which allows us to offer you some of the best prices in the industry.

Explanation of how it is beneficial and how you as a customer save 80% by shopping at our store.

We have a great passion for new technologies, so we always go beyond the legally required product controls to ensure that all our products are reliable, safe and have been quality tested before you receive it. In this way, we can ensure that you will enjoy these products just as much as we do.

What we do

  • Inspire people to try and learn about new technology that can improve and simplify everyone's life.
  • Empower other tech enthusiasts to join our tech community, plus share and enjoy the lifestyle that tech can offer.
  • Provide the latest and trendiest items on the market at an affordable price.

Company Mission
Nordic Tech was created as a brand, marketplace and lifestyle community. We are always working for the worlds tech enthusiasts, to encourage to buy, test, evaluate and learn about the new technology that can improve and simplify our life.

Company Vision
To become a recognized marketplace and retailer that provides a wide variety of products to the tech fanatics around the world. The tech market is changing from day to day so we want to be the place where you find the latest items to try. We believe that the right technical tools can bring our life something bigger and something greater.

If you have a great passion for new technologies and for the new up and coming products that are about to be a huge trend in the world, we truly recommend you to follow our newsletter and in that way, you know that you will always be up to date.

Nordic Tech