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2 In 1 iPhone Adapter For AUX And Charger

Do you hate when your phone is running low on battery and it's almost dead but you still want to listen and enjoy your favorite playlist?

Well, that problem can now be in the past, this innovative iPhone adapter allows you to charge your phone and at the same time as you use your traditional headphone to listening to your favorite song. 

Ideal to use with any lightning cable port such as for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.


    • Simply plug the adapter into your device, then plug in your headphones cable to the audio jack and your charging cable into the lightning port.
    • It has a standard input and output voltage of 5V.
    • The cable provides amazing 24bit and 48 kHz so that you can enjoy your lossless sound quality. 

      Package Includes
      1x White Cable (lighting +35mm Audio Jack) 

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